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Founded in 1989, coincided with de of rise of chemical, the company is committed to chemical machinery design, including (response equipment, mixing equipment, pink liquid delivery equipment, etc. ...) more into distillation equipment R & D, the relative was also on the liquor research and development. In an open system, de 2001, wine and winery, the winery's establishment, the company to actively develop new distillation equipment and peripheral equipment, I believe the design of the products the company will be able to meet customer needs.

Shundaxing Private liquor machines, Distillation machine

System capacity for liquor large and fast-Quality Alcohol

Shun Hing function of producing pure distilled liquor distilled rice wine, more like all kinds of crisp fruit wine grapes, passion fruit, carambola and so on .... Fruit quality of different fruit wine fermentation, in addition kaoliang, wheat jade, rice wine, and the tincture, etc. .... Chateau in the application, hand-made wine & Fils Shun Hing distillation machine will be played an important role, not only a unique design aesthetic, is more time to maintain a pioneer in a short time will be able to profit recovery, open WTO, were inter - Liquor comes on strong during the same time, according to a lot of business opportunities, but also increase the number of distillation technology also allow their own research and development practitioners with rich income. R & D by the liquor distilled out of special machines, easy-open lid, side mixer, rapid cooling pipe, small size, large capacity, temperature display design, etc., can be 45 to 50 minutes, quickly out of wine.